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Community Housing Trusts: Discussion

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sbrownanson - Fri, Apr 23, 2021, 10:44 A
Community Housing Trusts: Notes From Event Chat
Hi all! I am sharing here a selection of the chats and discussion that happened at the workshop on housing trusts. It was a great workshop! If you would like to access the workshop recording, here is a link:


Kamaar (him/he): Are board members paid?

GeorgeT.,Gfld.Pl.Board (h/h): Is there a guide about how a community would get started setting up such an arrangement?

Chad f: CLT = 501 c 3. If renting is a 503 used?

Kamaar (him/he): https://www.housingtoolbox.org/resources

doug selwyn: in what ways can local governments inhibit or sup?

Pamela Kelly: One off the best things about CLTs I think, are the STABILITY encouraged by land trusts. So people who live in a place a long time, get invested in their community, clean up, livability, knowing neighbors.

Andrew Baker: Brenda - where does the Greenfield based INstitute for Community Economics fit into the history of CLTs?

Becca King: We have a lot of empty or part-empty building in Greenfield. Is there a way CLTs can ingtrerface with rehab opportunities to the advantage of getting more housing?

Chad f: It formed the CLT movement post New Communities in Albany, GE

David Greenberg: OK, Roxanne, let’s do it!

Chad f: What % of BCLT is business? Is Rental housing? has deed restricted subsidized units or is something else done?

Sara Brown: Are you familiar with the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative? If so, how does that compare to the CHT and how do you see these two types of models working together?

Chad f: A coop would site ona CLT…

Andrew Baker: Do you find you need to re-subsidize homes after some time if owners are not sufficiently investing in their maintenance?

Carl Woodruff: This is a really incredible model! What happens when a resident's income rises above 100% AMI? Is there any tiered access; do you feel like there is a "cliff" for access based on AMI?
Sarah Brown-Anson: I noticed there are housing co-ops within CHT - could you say more about this / clarify the difference?

Kate M: Why do any of the owners choose to move out. Seems it would be more advantageous to stay as long as they want to be in the area

Jesus leyva: I have a question, is there a minimum time of residency in the service area to qualify to rent or buy a home in the CHT?

Jono O’Sullivan: how did you settle on 25% of appreciated value at resale.

Sara Brown: If anyone else locally is interested in trying to pair the zero equity housing coop model with a local community land trust, feel free to drop your email here! https://forms.gle/f9v1op7hVCwWT4sq6

Chad f: They evolved B4 the tripartite model did

Wendy Goodman: could you into the chat put the contact info for that first land trust, the dmaller one in colrain and greenfield

Chad f: on-line under ValleyCLT
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