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Housing within Corporate Capitalism
pensivespencer - Fri, Apr 9, 2021, 10:54 A
Actions For Individuals?
Hey, thanks to the speakers and Doug for the very interesting discussion yesterday. The importance of bottom-up (versus top-down) approaches was a bit awakening, accordingly there should be work to be done at the individual level. For example, helping people get down-payments on housing. Co-signing sounds like a good approach, even better would be to getting more people down payments directly. Maybe that will be at a non-profit or government level or both, either way these potential (and existing) programs need to be better publicized to engage the larger community toward home ownership.

I say publicize better the existing down-payment programs from my own experience, when I bought a house in Franklin in 2018 (fairly novice at age 25), I didn't know that MA Housing helped fund down payments until my lender suggested the option. I feel like more people would be engaged to own their own homes if they were more aware of the opportunities (i.e. budget some money for raising awareness, or raise awareness at the non-profit level).

To be clear, I am a novice, but not shy to share my $0.02! Speaking of $, personally I will be switching from Bank of America to Franklin First credit union, as suggested by one of the speakers. And again I learned a lot overall about the dire situation capitalism has us in and avenues ahead, thank you to the speakers and really enjoy all of the forward thinkers in the Franklin county community.
dgreenberg - Mon, Apr 12, 2021 11:26 A
Check out this article from Shelterforce which directly relates to our discussion: https://shelterforce.org/2021/04/09/a-movement-based-federal-housing-agenda/?utm_source=sfweekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=041221