Housing within Corporate Capitalism
sbrownanson - Fri, Apr 23, 2021, 3:09 P
Notes From Chat Corporate Capitalism
Gianpaolo Baiocchi: Everyone: my email is gb97@nyu.edu. I am happy to receive email feedback and ideas in case we do not get a chance to fully talk about your feedback tonight. Thanks!!

Lily Linke: there are Fair Housing testers! they are basically secret shoppers for realtors and landlords
Lily Linke: https://www.fairhous...air-housing-testers/
John Waite: More debt, no matter what kind, is still debt and limits people. What about reparations?
Debra McLaughlin: Appreciate the point made about barriers that can start at the broker/landlord level. For individuals with a history of incarceration and/or substance misuse, they face enormous challenges getting housing - either renting or buying.
Gwen Nabad: Municipalities can lock their gates to the outside
Gwen Nabad: By not having public transit, etc

David Greenberg: Link to Gianpaolo’s SHDA document: https://drive.google...WVj/view?usp=sharing

Gwen Nabad: There are also transitional times once someone gets a home
Gwen Nabad: A person goes from having to live somewhat in the wild to having to stay in one place and sit with their thoughts instead of being in survival mode

Wendy Goodman: I wonder about the possibilities tiny houses and composting toilets offer....thoughts?
Wendy Goodman: and even the reuse/re structuring of freight containers.?
Gwen Nabad: Wendy I think there are many great possibilities unique to this region for green building
David Greenberg: @Wendy Don’t laugh, but 3D printed houses are a fraction of the cost of typical houses. Have been built for homeless people in CA.
Susan Triolo: No One Leaves is a group in Springfield that fights evictions/ homelessness
Wendy Goodman: I believe we need to look outside of what we've created already....literally a new paradigm around basic housing for everyone who turns 18.
Wendy Goodman: california seems to generally be good at doing this

Jon Magee: For folks interested in fighting evictions, we in the Central Valley Tenants Union are active in Franklin County. https://centralvalleytenantsunion.wordpress.com/
David Greenberg: https://www.greenmat...d-tiny-home-homeless
Wendy Goodman: thanks david
Wendy Goodman: wondering if it might be a reuse of plastics? will explore
patience lowe: how unusual is it that a town, like the town of greenfield is seeking to require a land lord who has a vacancy to have a town inspection before it is rented again. seems to me this will prevent a great deal of deterioration there fore necessitating public housing entities having to step in?

Madeline: Isn’t there a movement of creating non-profit community banks? I.e.- owned/run by a municipality or state? Wouldn’t this be a natural source of funding for community investment of these various projects.
David Greenberg: Yes, there are a few bills in MA now for public banking

Sarah Brown-Anson: Here’s the link to that workshop being discussed: https://housingishum...n-Vermont-Experience
Wendy Goodman: thanks sarah, I just registered

David Greenberg: Good point, Traci!

Gwen Nabad: I really love the idea of social housing but I also believe in the power of a community
Gwen Nabad: even if it is public housing
Gwen Nabad: Sustainability is the big thing right now
Gwen Nabad: Environment

David Greenberg: Tenants Opportunity to Purchase Act gives tenants right of first refusal if house is being sold I think.

Judith Atkins: Private Equity destroyed manufacturing to a large degree in the US and now they are going after housing.

David Greenberg: Sign up for our discussion list at housingishumanright.net
Sarah Brown-Anson: Continue the conversation on our discussion website: http://www.housingishumanright.net/

Gwen Nabad: YES that is what I wanted to say. You dn't have a lawyer!
Gwen Nabad: It is very true
Gwen Nabad: And
Gwen Nabad: It stays on your record FOREVER

Madeline: The Growing Movement To Create City-Run Public Banks
[Search domain www.fastcompany.com/...ity-run-public-banks] https://www.fastcomp...ity-run-public-banks
L.A., along with other U.S. cities, is now considering another option: a public, city-owned bank that would keep money inside the community, and follow a socially and environmentally responsible ...

Gwen Nabad: and cannot be removed from public record
Gwen Nabad: Also people don't even have internet
Gwen Nabad: It is true
David Greenberg: Or tap into the military budget which is totally nuts!
Gwen Nabad: It is true, I am thinking of maybe (although probably not Franklin county) Sirius community which is focused on permaculture
Gwen Nabad: By-laws
Gwen Nabad: Whether or not the building can turn a profit for the towns
Debra McLaughlin: Community Legal Aid has a program that can help remove some items from one's housing record. Alyssa Golden is the contact: agolden@cla-ma.org.
Gwen Nabad: Bankers work with brokers
Gwen Nabad: Very closely!
Gwen Nabad: RIGHT

David Greenberg: Great book if you’re interested: Evicted by Matthew Desmond. Talks about all to this stuff

Gwen Nabad: It is my understanding that one of the Hill Towns is going through changes with a merging, maybe?

Debra McLaughlin: Susan and Becca - CHAPA is coming to OTF's Housing & Workforce Development Committee tomorrow at 10 AM, if you want to join. I can email you with the details.

Debra McLaughlin: They are focusing on municipal involvement. MJ - I'll send you the details too.